Hi :)
Today it's raining. Awesome!
I don't like too hot weather.
Going to do budgeting today.
And then keep reading in "the millionaire next door"
Makes my day! :)

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The milionaire next door

 hey hey. my boyfriend and I went for a walk to test our new jackets we bought the XXL for the fabulous price of total $36 (reg. price $122) seasonal sales, and 70% off!

We then bought a Manger Jacket W from STORMBERG.Its breathe, has taped seams, reflectors, high visibility, waterproof, windproof.So we set out in the pouring rain! beautiful, we went 1,5 mil and feel good as it gets! When we came home,  Meze Yoghurt with raspberries / blueberries for me,and my boyfriend ate stew. I sat down to read the book "the millionaire next door" out in the conservatory as we got so cozy. The 3rd time I read the book and it's so awesome every time.

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